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Listed here are a few bits and pieces that may be of interest

  1. Create a Windows Theme from your pictures. Theme Setup
  2. Firefox/Thunderbird - change active tab color Firefox/Thunderbird Chrome Setup
  3. Setup for Cheap Tablet Tablet Setup
  4. Tidy - Tidy configuration file for HTML5 Download
  5. Onedrive - CMD file to change the state of onedrive and your power scheme Download
  6. Date by Bill - JavaScript & PHP source to display date and time. Potential keys to SQL Download
  7. Example of a CRON job which will change a website background (or other features) on a scheduled basis Download
  8. Example of a HTML5 page that will auto redirect in 15 seconds Download
  9. Gmail on Dreamhost setup for SPF(Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM(DomainKeys Identified Mail) Authentication Download
  10. HTML & CSS example code for the depreciated tags <blink> and <marquee> Example Download
  11. HTML & CSS example code for a centered, fixed at bottom, linking footer Example Download
  12. Older software from my working life is listed on the Stelco Tab

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