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Listed here are a few bits and pieces that may be of interest

Note: For any of the "Examples", the source can viewed in most browsers by pressing CTRL U


  1. Tidy - Tidy configuration file for HTML5 View
  2. Example of a HTML5 page that will auto redirect in 15 seconds Example < Note: this an actual error page
  3. HTML & CSS example code for the depreciated tags <blink> and <marquee> Example
  4. HTML, CSS & Javascript example code for a footer: Look at bottom of page. Download

Java script + Utilities

  1. Date by Bill - Java Script & PHP source to display date and time. Potential keys to SQL Download
  2. Javascript example code to
  3. Displays Screen Attributes (.htm.js) Example
  4. Displays Geo Location (.htm.js) Example
  5. Displays Date (.php)* Example
  6. Displays Date (.htm .js) Example
  7. Displays month Backgrounds INDEX main page Example
  8. Displays month Backgrounds GENEALOGY page Example
  9. Displays month Backgrounds WITHERIDGE page Example
  10. Demo of Word/Character Spacing (.htm) Example
  11. * Only work when run from server.

Windows - System

  1. Procedure for Scanning System files for errors. System File Scan
  2. Create a Windows Theme from your pictures. Theme Setup
  3. Firefox/Thunderbird - change active tab color Firefox/Thunderbird Chrome Setup
  4. Setup for Cheap Tablet Tablet Setup
  5. Procedure for creating a Bootable Backup Drive Bootable Backup Drive
  6. Server (Dreamhost etc) - creating/working with UNIX script files. Script files in UNIX environment

Older software from my working life is listed on the Stelco Tab

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