RCA Cambio Tablet

An alternative is a fresh install of MINI10 or TINY10 or 11 a lightweight Windows OS

Recently(2017) bought a RCA Cambio Tablet. This unit has a 10 inch touch screen, detachable keyboard, Intel Atom processor, 2gb RAM, 32gb storage. The Cambio is similar to other low cost tablets.

Purchased from WalMart(US) for $99, since I had a "free" American Express prepaid card for $100 it appeared to be a good deal.

Found that the unit worked but was poorly setup. The initial settings resulted in poor battery life and restarting problems.

Presented below are the changes that resolved these problems. The Cambio is now a decent cheap system.

  1. Power Options
    1. Choose what the the power buttons do
      • When I press the power button: Set to Shut Down
      • When I press the sleep button: Set to Do Nothing

    2. Change settings that are currently unavailable
      • Remove the check marks from:
        • Turn on fast startup
        • Sleep
        • Hibernate

    3. In your default power plan (probably Balanced)
      • set Turn off the display to Never Never
      • set Put the computer to sleep to Never Never (you can tune Sleep to suit later)

  2. Create a Shutdown Icon

You need to eliminate any use of Hibernate, sleep etc as they just run the battery down quickly. When not connected to power keep your system shutdown when not in use.


I'm also using a 10000mAh battery pack.