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HTML5 & CSS example code for depreciated tags * *

HTML5 & CSS example code for a Fixed Position Header & a Fixed Position Footer

Note: Both examples in same page. See the footer at bottom of page.

Most tags that have been depreciated in HTML5 are quite easy to replace, a few are not - - -

Replacement for the depreciated <blink> tag.

Known by some as the most irritating tag, probably the reason that the <blink> tag was depreciated.

Over use certainly was irritating  however properly used the <blink> tag is still useful.

Replacement for the depreciated <marquee> tag.

This is a marquee in a <h1> tag. The line is quite long and scrolls(normal) for the full width of the screen

An example of alternate scrolling. Left first, then right

An example of reverse scrolling.

Click here to Activate
< < < click here now to ACTIVATE and verify your information. ( this is just an example, there is no information)

The above line is an example of a scrolling <a href=> tag. Try it, you can click anywhere on the scrolling line to activate the link. The anchor just links to this page.

The size of each section can vary, both can scroll in either direction, the anchor tags are independent.

* * A depreciated tag is a tag that is no longer recommended, it's function can now be replaced with CSS. They still work, but may not in the future. If compatibility is an issue, the depreciated tag may be the tag of choice.

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The footer below is a fixed position, centred link. Have a look on the home page to see how this footer works on a background image.