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Firefox/Thunderbird - Change Active Tab Colour

This procedure will change the colour of the active tab in Firefox(v59+) or Thunderbird(v60+)

First - Ensure that you have a theme (Dark or Light) selected. This procedure has no effect on the Default Theme!

  1. Go to your
  2. Open your profile folder. (should be something.default)
  3. Using Notepad or similar editor create a file named userChrome.css

Change the rgb(220, 53, 84) colour to suit.

Quite simple. Took me quite a bit of time to figure this out.

Firefox/Thunderbird - Change App Text Size

  1. Open configuration file
  2. Search:Pix
  3. layout.css.devPixelsPerPx
  4. Modify value - Try 1.12 or 1.25 - be careful

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