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Stelco - where I worked for 40 years. Started on the floor, then a foreman, the last 30 years as a Systems Engineer.

Systems experience - Dec PDP-11's, Vax, HP Mini, PLC's and of course the PC.

Languages - Fortran, Macro, Basic, C, RPG, ADMINS and now HTML + CSS & JAVA

Unfortunately Stelco is long gone. They provided me with a good, well paying, interesting job, and a life long interest in computer systems. Met many interesting and dedicated fellow employees in various occupations right across the plant that I really enjoyed working with.

Over the years I managed to collect a few bits and pieces that may be of interest that I will list here in no particular order

In the early years of computer systems, user groups were quite popular(still have my DECUS pin). Folks were willing to share software and experiences. I had several programs on the DECUS tapes, unfortunately these are getting harder to find with Google. A few are listed here with a download link.

  1. TIE or LINK or BLD. A command file that extracts and executes the compile and task builder instructions contained in the source program. Download
    Also on the DECUS RSX/IAS SIG Fall 1984 Tape
    Note: Also wrote the equivalant program in Fortran for a HP mini system. And a package (Fortran) to read thermocouples that was much faster than HP's commercial product. I no longer have access to the HP source.
  2. DAY.FTN Fortran source to determine the day of the week and stat holidays. Also a PC G77 version Download
  3. BITS.FTN Fortran source to demonstrate bit manipulation Download
  4. EZECLI.FTN Fortran source to demonstrate a Command Line Interpreter Download
  5. RAD.FTN Fortran source to convert text to Radix-50 Download
  6. Daily-Facts CMD source to display daily facts Download
  7. WTIME.FTN Fortran source to display World Time Download
  8. Subroutines Various Fortran/Macro source Download
  9. Newer web based software is listed on the Software Tab

Cameras were not allowed in Stelco however a few pictures were taken. Other photos are from retirements etc. Click here for Stelco Pictures Corrections or additions welcome.

Memories of a former life!
Memories of a former life!

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