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Zenphoto is a self hosted interactive CMS (Content Management System) for displaying pictures. Albums and pictures are easy to scroll through, just click on the pictures or an album name above the pictures. If you are familiar with the system the following direct links allow you to go directly to an album within the directory structure.

ZenPhoto Error - If you receive a ZenPhoto Error (ie object not found) try clicking on "Photo Gallery" then search/click through the albums for the item you are looking for.   These errors are usually caused by an old/invalid search engine link.


      Dwyne -|- Clarke -|- Ball -|- Berrisford -|- Sant -|- Witheridge -|- Small

      Postcards -|- Head Stones -|- Personal Photo Albums -|- The Ships They Sailed On -|- S S Montrose Post Cards(10)

    Genealogy - Witheridge The former WITHERIDGEFHS.COM

      Headstones -|- Knight Family -|- Witheridge Family -|- Reunions -|- Unknown

      Philamon WITHERIDGE and Mary CORVETH -|- Witheridge Visit-Lions Head 2011

    Bruce Peninsula

      Flight over Bruce Peninsula -|- Snow Storm January 2014

      Bruce Peninsula Historical Wiarton to Tobermory -|- The Former Lookabout Lodge Myles Bay / Stokes Bay

    Madeira 2018

      Two Video's of scenery/driving in Madeira

    Sovereign Potteries


    Album text descriptions

      Some albums have a text/html file that describes the pictures. These files are somewhat difficult to include in ZenPhoto and are listed here.

      Album Annie Berrisford Ball 1930's'

      Album J. W. Dwyne 1930's'

      Album Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Dwyne 40`s 50`s selection 1930's'

      Movie 154 Carlton Ave 1964

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