Who is in the Movie

Location - 154 Carlton Avenue, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent - circa 1964

Jacob Ball - Constance May Ball (nee Berrisford) (old, gray hair, long & long sleeve dress)

Varena Kathleen Phoenix (nee Berrisford Ball) (checked dress, elbow length sleeves)

Hezekiah Phoenix (bald, white shirt, tie, sleeves rolled up)

Maurice Phoenix (dark suit, white shirt, tie, smoking) - Lilly Phoenix (nee Brown) (white dress)

 Maurice Phoenix jr. (white shirt, tie, v neck sweater) - Christine Phoenix

Constance May Rigby (nee Phoenix) (green, short sleeve dress)

  Alec Rigby (light pants, yellow top) - Paul Rigby

Margaret Smith (nee Phoenix) (green coat) - Joan Smith (nee Phoenix) (dark skirt, white sweater)

Kevin Phoenix (white shirt, tie, green cardigan)

Annie Dwyne (nee Berrisford Ball) (blue dress, white sweater, red coat)

Jacob Ball (white shirt tie, sleeves down) - Sarah Ball (nee Jones) - Philip Ball


Girl with blue dress, sweater (white & red), pony tail) (Christine Phoenix ??)

Boy with dark shorts, checked short sleeve shirt) (Paul ??)

Boy with light shorts, blue shirt, white socks

Young girl that my mother is carrying (I think this is Judith)

Who is in the car?