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1940's - 1960's Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Dwyne Family album.

They lived at 48 Barons Ave. South Hamilton, Ont. Quite a few of the photos are from the UK.

Some photos from family album. A indicates from Album - O indicates from odd/loose photos

The number is the file number from the scanned album.

A 12 Jake Ball unknown

A 24 J W Dwyne W T Dwyne

A 47 Connie Phoenix

A 85 W T Dwyne J W Dwyne

A 87 Annie Dwyne Billy Dwyne

A 108 Billy Dwyne J W Dwyne

A 120 Billy Dwyne Sam Berrisford Florence Frost

A 141 Billy Dwyne Jacob Ball

A 142 Billy Dwyne Constance Ball nee Berrisford

A 147 Blackpool Jake Ball Annie Dwyne nee Ball

A 208 Barons Ave J W Dwyne Sarah (Sally) Dwyne

A 251 Connie Phoenix J W Dwyne

A Billy Dwyne Harriet Dwyne nee Garner144

O 01 J W Dwyne b1901

O 02 Annie Ball b1910

O 03 Billy Dwyne b1944

O 04 Sam Berrisford Florence Frost

O 05 Jacob Ball b1924

O 06 William Dwyne b1944

O 07 Jacob Ball Constance Ball

O 09 Phoenix Connie Margaret

O 11 Maurice Phoenix

O 14 Judith Ball b1963

O 15 Judith Ball b1963

O 16 Tom McDonald Vera Thornton

O 17 William Dwyne

O 18 Kevin Phoenix

O 19 Vera Thornton wedding

O 21 Mr Mrs Dwyne right front

O 25 Annie Berrisford Ball

O 29 Jacob Ball Sarah Jones 1949

O 30 William Cavana Betty Thornton 1950

O 31 Betty Thornton William Cavana 1950

O 32 Billy Dwyne b1944

O 33 Mr Mrs J W Dwyne

O 35 Postcard Southport

O 36 Jacob Ball

O 40 Rigby Alex Anthony Denise Connie

O 42 Ki Vera Phoenix

O 43 C Thornton nee Ball b1905 left

O 48 H Phoenix V Phoenix C Thornton Betty S Berrisford Brantford farm

O 49 Annie Ball nee Dwyne

O 50 William Dwyne

O 51 Annie Dwyne Connie Thornton Dumbarton Scotland

O 53 William Dwyne

O 54 Mr Mrs J W Dwyne 1939

O 56 Billy Dwyne J W Dwyne

O 57 Billy Dwyne J W Dwyne

O 58 Jacob Ball b 1882 right

O 62 Jacob Connie Ball

O 63 Connie Jacob Ball right

O 67 Jacob Ball b1924

O 69 Ki Phoenix

O 70 Connie Alec Rigby

O 71 Florence Dwyne b1900

O 76 Jacob Ball b1924

O 77 Jacob Ball Marth Simcock Constance Ball

O 78 Jacob Ball Sarah Jones

O 79 Maurice Phoenix Lily Brown

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