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Hamil Road Methodist Church | Birth Place of William Thomas Dwyne 1876 |

Birth Place of John Dwyne 1901 | Sentinel Article re Sailsbury Street Jan 2004 |

John Dwine(1853) & Family lived at 17 Cavour 1881 | Birth Place of John Dwine 1853 |


Ball > Jacob Ball 1882 C Berrisford 1886| Lizzy Ball 1893 Arthur Massey 1892| Constance Ball 1905 Leonard Thorton 1904 | Vera Kathleen Ball 1907 H Phoenix 1904| Annie Berrisford Ball 1910| Jacob Ball 1924 Sarah Jones|

Berrisford > Samuel Berrisford b1855 | Jacob Ball b1924 Martha Simcock b1860 C Berrisford 1886| Lewis Berrisford b1878 Phyllis Rushton | Ada b1884 Connie b1886 Berrisford | Constance May Berrisford b1886 | Jacob Ball 1882 C Berrisford | Samuel Berrisford b1892 | Joseph Berrisford b1894 Mary Jones b1894 | Bertha Berrisford b1899 |

Dwyne/Dwine > Harriet Garner b1876 William Thomas Dwyne b1876 | John William Dwyne b1901 | William Thomas Dwyne b1944 |

Garner > Harriet Garner b1876|


Ball > Jacob Ball b1882 C Berrisford b1886|

Clarke > N C Clarke b1881 M Small b1888 G Clarke1919 Additional info | Norman Carlyle Obit| R G Clarke b1915 S Witheridge b1915 Additional info |

Dwine > John Henry Dwine b1886 Mary Jane Sant b1886 Additional info |

Dwyne > William Thomas Dwyne b1876 Harriet Garner b1876 Additional info | J W Dwyne b1901 Annie Ball b1910 Additional info |

Knight > Richard Knight b1882 Mabel ? b1886|

Witheridge > Evelyn Witheridge | John Witheridge Mary Jane (Knight)| John Northmore Witheridge b1874 Mary Jane Knight b1881 John Scott | Additional info |