Burslem 1740

Several years ago I received a copy of the Plan of the Town of Burslem in 1740. This is a very interesting town plot that details businesses, homes and the names of the occupants. Unfortunately some of the detail and names were very difficult or impossible to read.

I have scanned the map and edited the scanned image to make it as readable as possible. This work was quite interesting but very time consuming. The links below are typed text of the names and place names that are on the plot. It has always been my intention to make this plan available to anyone interested. No longer posting the map, as I no longer have access to quality printing (retired) and the ever increasing cost of postage. I can however email a pdf copy. Besides its appeal to anyone interested in Burslem and the names or place names contained within, this town plan would make a very interesting framed document. If you are interested in obtaining a copy please 📧 Click Here to email your request

This is a sample of the 1740 map, the reference section of names and place names has been removed and the file generally reduced in size to allow it to load quickly. The actual print quality is much better than this image indicates.

Please do not view this map/names as an absolute accurate representation of Burslem in 1740. This "1740" map was probably commissioned circa 1816 by Enoch Wood and drew from land surveys, previous maps and the memory of elderly residents.

View People Names on the 1740 Map of Burslem

View  Place  Names on the 1740 Map of Burslem

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