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Explanation of some common Browser Tips - Instructions are for a PC however most will work on a MAC, just use your APPLE key instead of the CTRL key

Hold down CTRL and press? Means that you must have the CTRL key depressed before and while you press the required key

  1. JavaScript

    Should you block JavaScript? NO!
    Disabling / Blocking JavaScript will cause far more problems than it's worth. Leave JavaScript on.

    If you insist on disabling Java and do anything more than simple browsing then know how to turn it back on, or install/use another browser that has not been modified to block anything. You will need it.

  2. Ad Blockers etc

    Are Great! However know how to turn off if you are having trouble on a particular site.

  3. This Site

    When using your Phone or Tablet try viewing this site in LANDSCAPE MODE by turning your device sideways.

  4. Font Size

    To change text size hold down the CTRL key and press +(plus) or -(minus) or use your mouse wheel

    To reset the font to its default size hold down CTRL and press 0(zero)

  5. Go back one page

    Use the Back Space or Back key to go back one page

  6. Find

    To find text in a page hold down the CTRL key and press f to open your browsers search box.
    In Firefox you can just type your search anywhere in the open selected window.

  7. Refresh

    Press F5 to refresh/reload page. Shift F5 or ctrl F5 reloads/refreshes bypassing cached(saved) content. Try this if a site does not display properly.

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