PDF files have existed for many years, invented by Adobe, the acronym stands for Public Document Format.

Most modern word processors can create PDF's. PDF's, being a public format are then able to be read without the need of the originating program. Folks that use Word 2010 can publish(create) a PDF and you do not need Word 2010 to view the file.

What you do need though is a PDF reader. There are many PDF readers available for free.

An important feature to look for is the ability to search. If you do not see a search icon press CTRL f (hold down CTRL then press f)

You can print a PDF or individual pages from a PDF, just follow the instructions in the reader you are using.

Many PDF files on this site are bookmarked(indexed). You may have to enable/click on bookmarks in the PDF reader that you are using.
To enable bookmarks in Adobe Reader click on the small blue bookmark symbol upper left side.
For Foxit reader click on the small page symbol with green stripe upper left side.

Testing of PDF functions on this site has only been done with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

A common misconception is that PDF files cannot be changed. Wrong. PDF files can be changed.