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In the early days of the internet, our first web page was created with Notepad. We have also used numerous automated authoring tools including Frontpage and Dreamweaver.

For these pages I have gone back to text (HTML). Design criteria was to simplify and reduce the number of links. A fair bit of effort has gone into making the home page "clean and uncluttered" with the relevant info encroaching as little as possible. The original code was HTML, then XHTML & CSS, now HTML5 & CSS3.
The site works well when Java is disabled, however Javascript is used to display the date/time and some text formatting for small screens.

Editors Used:
Notepad++ - Always useful, always will be. Freeware - Best first editor.
RJ TextEd FreeWare/Donation Excellent editor, lots of features. Especially useful for testing with older versions of (internal)IE
PSPad - A programmers editor was used and still recommended.
HTML-Kit Tools(purchased 2014) - Good editor no longer being updated or supported.
WeBuilder 2018/2020 - My current editor. After several months with preview I'm impressed.

Server Side: There are a couple of server side scripts that are used for changing the background images on the 1st of each month. Currently almost no PHP, for this site it's benefits do not justify the work and additional load/resource time.

The site does not use cookies, however some of the supporting applications do. The only cookie associated with this site is from cloudflare. Cloudflare is a content delivery network that improves website performance.

The software has been tested and is compatible with current versions of Firefox, Edge, Safari and Chrome. There are however some small browser dependent appearance differences.

The menu's do not work well in IE versions older than IE8. In Oct 2012 the CSS and some of the XHTML was rewritten to improve browser compatibility. Essentially the browser version is checked and if necessary the CSS code is modified. Old browser access is a very small and decreasing percentage.
There really is no excuse for using an old browser! Update, it's free!

The original design has turned out to be very tablet/phone friendly. Touch devices lack the mouse hover feature making some menu designs unusable. There have been a few changes for touch screens, mostly to accommodate fat finger touches.

These pages are available at https://dwyne.net/ only. Previously available at www.amtelecom.net/~dwyne/ which now only contains a redirect to dwyne.net. Also previously hosted at sympatico.ca and wchat.ca.

Google and other search engines still reference pages on Amtelecom, Sympatico and WCHAT.com(really old), nothing that I can do about this. As the site grew larger it outgrew the space provided by our internet supplier necessitating us to register dwyne.net and pay for some space. Overall a positive change as the site is now easier to maintain. Dwyne.net is currently hosted at Dreamhost.com.

Most of the Genealogy data is generated using GedPage and a Gedcom file output from Legacy 9.0 Family Tree.

The home page background picture is usually a scene near our home in Lions Head, Ontario. The Genealogy background is usually a scan of an old appropriate postcard/picture.

The EULA and CONTRACT pages are our equivalent of those that we are forced to accept. You all know the game - - accept the EULA (all 16 pages) or do not use, but you cannot return the item because it is open, or we have just changed our contract and now require 4 months notification to cancel.

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