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Total matches for January 2012: 332

d02 Sally Dwyne, Dennis Rowland
d05 Connie Phoenix, John William (Bill) Dwyne
d08 Sidney Dwyne
d09 Billy Dwyne that’s my Dad with the smoke
d10 Sally Dwyne  Holden Ave 1953
d11 Harriet  Garner my dads mom 1953
d12 John (Bill) Dwyne Billy Dwyne Annie Ball the last picture with my dad
d13 John William (Bill) Dwyne, back garden 29 Holden Ave N his parents house 1953
d14 Florence Dwyne, back garden 29 Holden Ave N 1953
d15 Sally Dwyne
d16 Billy Dwyne 1960s 48 Barons Ave
d18 Sally Dwyne 29 Holden Ave N  Sept 1955
d20 Billy Dwyne A M Cunningham School Hamilton Ont
d22 John William Dwyne early 1950s
d23 John William Dwyne Either to or back from UK in 1953 just before he died
d31 Billy Dwyne 48 Barons Ave. S. Ham
d36 Billy Dwyne AM Cunningham School Ham Ontario back row 2nd from right
d43 Sidney Dwyne Lavinia Condliffe
d44 Sidney Dwyne Glennys Dwyne
d45 F Dwyne H Garner J W Dwyne L Condliffe S Dwyne G Dwyne

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