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m037 Connie, Annie & Vera Ball 48 Barons Ave, S Hamilton, Ont
m038 Annie, Connie & Vera Ball 48 Barons Ave, S Hamilton, Ont
m040 Connie Phoenix, C Berrisford , J  Ball, J Ball , Sarah Jones
m041 Annie Ball, Erin Dwyne
m048 Football team Ki Phoenix front row 2nd from left
m050 Class Verena Ball, front right copy
m051 Jacob Ball
m052 Jacob Ball, Sarah Jones
m053 Jacob Ball
m054 Billy Dwyne about 18-20
m055 Samuel Berrisford, Florence Frost
m056 Annie Berrisford Ball
m058 Jacob Ball, Sarah Jones
m059 Mary Ann Jones, Samuel Berrisford Sammy and Aunt Mary
m060 Joseph Reginald Berrisford, Mary Ann Jones Uncle Joe Aunt Mary
m061 Annie Ball 48 Barons Ave S. Hamilton early 1950s
m066 Class picture Jacob Ball back row 5th from left
m067 Billy Dwyne 1945
m068 Annie Ball May 1956
m071 Ki Phoenix Annie Ball Guy Russell Phoenix Dorothy Vera Ball 154 Carlton Ave SOT

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