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A B Ball Album 1930's

Writing on pages is my Mothers so most relationships are to William Dwyne b1944

1 Constance May Berrisford - Annie Berrisford Ball b1910

Jacob Ball b1924 Prince @ Bycars Farm

2 Jacob Ball b1882, Constance May Berrisford b1886 - Constance May Berrisford

GGMa Berrisford (Martha Ann Simcock b1859) - GGMa Ball (Fanny Boulton b1859)

3 GDad Jacob Ball b1882, Uncle Jake Ball b1924 - Maurice Phoenix b1928

4 Uncle Jake b1924

5 Uncle Leonard Thornton b1904

6 Jacob Ball b1924 - Uncle Len Thornton b1904 Jake Ball b1924

7 unknown - Annie Ball b1910

Bycars - unknown

8 Unknown ? unknown

Annie Ball b1910 - Unknown @ Bycars

9 Annie Ball b1910 (Blackpool)

10 Annie Ball b1910, Maggie (Friend) (Blackpool)

11 Betty b1926 and Vera Thornton - Vera and Betty Thornton

12 Uncle Len Thornton b1904, Betty and Vera - Aunty Connie b1905, Vera and Betty Thornton

13 Annie Ball b1910 work outing - Bycars Farm

Work Outing - Betty, Aunt Vera Berrisford Ball b1907

14 GMa Ball (nee Berrisford b1886), Jacob Ball b1924, Connie Phoenix b1932

Uncle Leonard Thornton b1904, Aunt Connie Thornton (nee Ball b1905)

15 Jacob Ball b1924, GMa Ball (nee Berrisford b1886)

Annie Ball b1910, GMa Ball (nee Berrisford b1886)

Maurice Phoenix b1928, Jake Ball b1924, Connie Phoenix b1932

16 Jake Ball b1924, Connie Ball b1905 - GMa Ball b1886), Connie Ball b1905, Connie Phoenix b1932

17 All Phoenix Ky b1904, Maurice b1928, Connie b1932 - Unknown

18 Prince - Unknown both at Bycars Farm

19 GMa Ball b1886, Annie Ball b1910 - Aunt Connie Ball b1905 Annie Ball b1910

The above were taken on ship when my Mother sailed for Canada in 1932

20 Annie Berrisford Ball b1910 age 16 Holiday Isle of Man

21 Betty Thornton b1926, Connie Phoenix b1932 taken in 1937

22 Laurentic When I Sailed Ki and Vera Phoenix, Connie and Len Thornton, Jacob Ball, Maurice Phoenix

Uncle Ky and Maurice Phoenix

The above were taken on ship when my Mother sailed for Canada in 1932

23 right picture Maurice and Connie Phoenix

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