Closure - Witheridge Genealogy
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R.I.P The Witheridge Family History Society 1 May 1987 to 31 Dec 2021 - 34 + years is no longer a registered website

This is the new location of data & pictures from the former site.

The Society, was founded on 1 May 1987, by group of people interested in Witheridges/Wetheridges and their descendants. At its peak the society had over ~150 members throughout the world. A reunion was held each year in England. Reunions were also held in Australia, Canada and the U.S.A.

The Societies Final Newsletter is available on the Witheridge Times & Newsletter page. - OR - Click here to view now.

To maintain a "Witheridge" web presence, the Witheridge data and pictures have been moved 🏠  here.

Prior to closing I maintained The new location is my personal web site which previously and still contains some Witheridge information.

This website is not static, you can still contribute your Witheridge information and pictures which I will be pleased to add.

Questions comments or suggestions. Please 📧 Contact

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