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Picture of the Clarke Family Clock ~1900's Picture of Bill's Clock

Wedding present from the parents of the bride to Norman Carlyle Clarke and Marion Small who were married in England on 06 April 1912, probably in or around Birmingham.
In 1915 Norman Clarke was a manufacturer of artificial limbs. His last profession was music and drama critic for the Hamilton Spectator(1936-1957).

The clock moved around the UK with the Clarke's as they moved from the Birmingham area to the Isle of Sheppy. They then moved to Canada in 1926, it was at this time that the clock was cut in half.

The Clarke's settled in Grimsby for a short period when they arrived in Canada, then moved to Hamilton Ontario.

The clock was still in their possession at Gary Avenue when they died. It remained in the house with their son Geoffrey Arthur Clarke until he moved to Wentworth Lodge. The clock was repaired in 1960 and 1968, from it's age it must have had previous repairs. It was non-functional from 1970-2001)

The clock was then moved to the home of Ronald Gordon Clarke 312 Fiddlers Green Road, Ancaster, Ontario, at this time the clock was non-functional. The clock remained 'till R. G. Clarke moved to Wentworth Lodge. When moving the clock I (Bill) attempted to pick it up not realising that it had been cut in two. The clock almost came down on me, it was all I could mange to keep it up right and together. The clock must have been fastened together at one time but had not been reassembled at RGC's house.

The clock was then moved to the home of R. G. Clarke's daughter Brenda Dwyne, 48 Barons Ave. South Hamilton, Ontario. The movement was repaired in Sept 2001 and numerous times since. In October 2001 the case was repaired, cleaned and refinished. Here the clock joined our other chimer, a wall clock that Bill made in the 1970's.

In 2006 both clocks moved with Brenda & Bill to 196 Myles Bay Shore Road, Lions Head, Ontario.

We have really enjoyed the clocks and their pleasant chime.

The Clock

We got the clock, cost a hundred to make it go.

Even when it did, it ran bloody slow.

The thing really looked a disaster.

All covered with shite and plaster.

Cleaning and staining, not too much remaining.

From my vocabulary I AM refraining.

As varnish

Replaces tarnish - - - - Funky and sweet

The old clocks starting to look a treat.

W. Dwyne 2001

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