Sovereign Potteries was located in Hamilton Ontario at 282 Sherman Ave N and 15 Biggar Ave Hamilton (east from 284 Sherman Ave North) 282 Sherman was also the location of Wallace Barnes & Co. The pottery ran east from Sherman behind the houses on the north side of Biggar Ave. Sovereign appears to have started in the early 1930's, was bought by Johnson Brothers(UK) in 1947 and operated until the late 1950's. Unfortunately, like many other lost and forgotten Hamilton industries little else is known.

Annie Berrisford Ball b1910
John William (Bill) Dwyne b1901

My Parents worked at Sovereign Potteries.

My Dad (John William Dwyne 1901-1953) was a potter (Gibson & Sons), he was hired in the UK to work at Sovereign in 1934-35.

My Mother (Annie Berrisford Ball 1910-1984) came to Canada in 1931 to visit her Uncle (Samuel Sydney Berrisford 1889-1975 ) in Brantford, Ont. While here she got a job at Sovereign, she was a trained decorator having worked for Johnsons in the UK.

Sovereign through the years produced a wide range of ceramics ranging from fine dinnerware to hotel ware. At the end they were only producing ceramic tile.

McMaster University Library ( seems to have some information but it is not online. The information listed is for Local 237, Sovereign Potters, Hamilton date range is 1949 to 1957. Unfortunately I no longer live in Hamilton. Would be pleased to hear from anyone that had the time to visit McMaster Library.

From the Hamilton Public Library - Sovereign Potters Limited -- 282 Sherman Avenue North. 1933-1973. Sovereign Potters Limited was formed in 1933 by W. G. Pulkingham and Alfred Etherington with the financial support of a group of local businessmen, and was one of Canada's largest manufacturers of fine porcelain and earthenware. Operations began on a modest scale; however, with the outbreak of war the company boomed, supplying army china. At its peak in 1946 and 1947, it employed about 450 people. On July 1, 1947, the company was purchased by British dinnerware manufacturer Johnson Brothers (Hanley) Ltd. In 1952, W. H. Hall was sent by the parent company to become president of its Canadian operations. It continued to manufacture dinnerware until 1958 when it concentrated on the production of ceramic wall tiles and decorated blanks sent out from England. The company underwent a name change (H. & R. Johnson (Canada) Ltd.) and a new address at 15 Biggar Avenue. (HPL)

My Memories:

1936 Sovereign Potteries Hamilton, Ont 1946 Sovereign Potters Group Photo

I would be pleased to receive any information that you may have about Sovereign Potters.

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