The genealogy presented here relates to myself (Dwyne & Ball) and my wife (Clarke & Witheridge) and of course flows back through our extended families. The data is not "one name" orientated (although at times I can see the wisdom of single surname research).

I previously maintained the now defunct Witheridge Society website. The relevant remains of this site are available here > Witheridge data & Photos
Note: The former witheridge site has been registered/purchased by others and has no connection to the former Society or its members.

Most, but certainly not all of the data on these pages is related to England, Wales, Ireland and Canada.

The "Details of all Names" data is generated by GEDPAGE from a gedcom file produced by Legacy Ver 9.0. When viewing individuals with multiple spouses the (preferred) spouse may not be correct. The Legacy data is correct, it is just the interpretation by GEDPAGE.

The "Details of all Names" data is usually updated twice per year, the date is displayed at the bottom of each page.

The Genealogy background is usually a scan of an old postcard/picture.
If you have any postcards/pictures that would be appropriate I would be pleased to display them.

Females - - If known, I always use their maiden name. Much easier and less confusing for me.

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