Bircher Muesli is a traditional breakfast Cereal.

Our thanks to the Breakfast Chef, Marella Explorer 2 (23+30 Jan 2024) who kindly provided this recipe.

Quantities modified for two(10% ~8 portions), it can easily be doubled etc.

Bircher Muesli

Ingredients For Two
2.5 kg Oatmeal 250 g
4.5 lt Milk 450 g
1.5 kg Yogurt 150 g
400 g Sugar (to Taste) 0-40 g
600 g Honey (to Taste) 60 g
300 g Rasins 30 g
300 g Walnuts 30 g
200 g Grapes 20 g
250 g Apples 25 g
300 g Bananas 30 g

Combine the Oats, Milk(add more later), Yogurt, Sugar and Honey.

Finely chop and add the raisins, walnuts and grapes.

Add the shredded apple and mashed banana.

Thoroughly mix and let stand in refrigerator overnight.

Should provide about 8 individual servings.

Will keep in fridge for several (4-5) days.