My lineage in photos.

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Father - John William(Bill) Dwyne b1910


Mother - Annie Berrisford Ball b910


Self - William Thomas Dwyne(Bill) b1944

John William (Bill) Dwyne b1901
Annie Berrisford Ball b1910
William Thomas Dwyne(Bill) b1944 Discovery 2 Montego Bay 2020 Best Fish and Chips


Grandfather - William Thomas Dwyne b1876


Grandmother - Harriet Garner b1875


Grandfather - Jacob Ball b1882


Grandmother - Constance May Berrisford b1886

William Thomas Dwyne b1876 - Grandfather
Harriet Garner b1875
Jacob Ball b1882
Constance May Berrisford b1886


Great Grandfather - Samuel Berrisford b1855


Great Grandmother - Martha Ann Simcock b1859


Granduncle - Samuel Berrisford b1892


Grandaunt - Lizzy Ball b1893

Samuel Berrisford b1855
Martha Ann Simcock b1859
Samuel Berrisford b1892
Lizzy Ball b1893