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Dreamhost provides stats for this site, which show that the picture section is quite popular. This site averages about 5000 visits a week, about 85% are, among other things, looking at the pictures.

Pictures of our ancestors are an important but quickly lost link to the past. If you have any relevant pictures I would be pleased to post them. Putting pictures on the internet will help to ensure that these pictures are not lost and are available to future generations.

A picture may be worth a thousand words - - however a picture stuffed in drawer with no words is worthless!

The sites pictures have been reduced in size/quality to improve response and load time. If you require better quality please ask.
Please report any mistakes as the names are mostly from memory.

Starting to move all pictures/postcards to Zenphoto. Much easier, no code, very easy.

Click here for the Family Pictures

Zenphoto info:

  • You can click on any image that is a link (shows a hand) for a larger view.
  • When changing image size (Select image size) you may have to refresh your screen or do a << prev     next>>
  • The selectable image sizes range is from 200-1200 px. The ability to resize is dependent on the quality of the image.
  • Use the back button to exit Slideshow
  • The comment option in Zenphoto has been disabled due to continuous attack by those trying to post adverts.
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